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Hearing FAQ

Hearing Aid FAQ

Below are the questions our hearing aid doctors get asked the most, and what to expect if and when you get hearing aids

 Q: How do I know if I need hearing aids?
A: When someone believes that a hearing loss may be present, the first thing they should do is seek out a medical professional like the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Hearing loss is considered a medical problem. The medical / audiological staff will test and diagnose the problem and explain the options to the patient. A great first step to take is a free hearing test

Q: What causes hearing loss?
A: Age, excessive noise exposure, acoustic trauma, disease, medication, genetic predisposition, tumors and neuromas

Q: Can hearing loss be medically corrected?
A: Yes but only by a qualified medical doctor. Conductive hearing loss can sometimes be repaired through surgery - tympanoplasty, stapedectomy, etc.

Q: Why do my ears ring:
A: There are many factors and/or causes when considering tinnitus. Excessive noise exposure, acoustic trauma, medications, radiation, surgery, age and several more that can be discussed with your specialist.

Q: Do hearing aids work for everyone?
A: For most hearing impaired patients, hearing aids are wonderful but there are some whose hearing loss is too far gone or the scores are just too low.

Q: Why are hearing aids so expensive?
A: This is the age old question. Hearing aids can be very affordable when purchased correctly. A good set of digital hearing aids can start in the low range and go up from there. Working with your hearing healthcare professional will help you decide which is best for your loss and your lifestyle.

Q: Can hearing aids help with my phone and TV?
A: Yes, most newer hearing aids are wireless Bluetooth devices which will allow the hearing impaired patient to hear the TV, phone or other devices right through the hearing aids. We now Offer the Signia Pure Charge Go NX. These rechargeable hearing aids can pair with your favorite devices to make listening even easier. 

Q: Where should I go to get my hearing checked?
A: We recommend an Ear, Nose and Throat medical / audiological office that has a staff of MD’s, audiologists and hearing specialists. That way all of the patients’ bases are covered.

Q: Can you finance hearing aids?
A: We don’t offer in house financing but we do have information on Care Credit which is a line of credit for medical procedures and devices.

Q: What if the hearing aids do not help?
A: We offer a trial period to all of our patients so that if the patient does not see the benefit they are seeking, they can get a refund or try something different.