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Balance Team

Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists

The Balance Center of Decatur ENT is a comprehensive program with a team of medical professionals specifically trained to evaluate and diagnose balance disorders and implement effective treatment strategies. The Balance Team consists of physicians board certified ear, nose, and throat specialists (ENT, Otolaryngology), an audiologist, and a physical therapist all at one facility with the latest technology.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of physicians, specialists and therapists provide a wide range of medical services as well as highly specialized care. Because there are many causes of dizziness, our physicians will review your health history and perform an exam to isolate balance and inner ear issues with specialized testing. Dizziness can often be a symptom of various other disorders or conditions such as: problems of the inner ear, disorders of the central nervous system, high blood pressure, or bacterial or viral infection. Our ear, nose, and throat specialists  can resolve your balance issues or greatly improve your balance by treating common disorders associated with balance problems like dizziness (or vertigo), blurred vision, and vestibular migraines.

Following the initial exam, patients will begin to see other doctors, head specialists, and nurses, to begin their specialized treatment. Along with physical therapy through our Fyzical® Therapy & Balance Center, our team wants you to not only regain your balance, but also optimal health and wellness. Our comprehensive therapy programs focus on balance disorders as well as auto accidents, orthopedic problems and sports injury. No matter what ailment or injury is causing your balance disorder, our Balance Team at Decatur ENT can handle it.

Our compassionate team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest level of care for all our patients. We serve patients of all ages from pediatrics to adults to the elderly.