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Fall Prevention Program

Our balance anf fall prevention doctors take your balance seriously.

Falls in the elderly resulting in hip fractures have a significant mortality risk. Dizziness is not an inevitable part of aging. Having a proactive lifestyle of balance and exercise can significantly decrease these risks.

Are you at risk?

  • Do you limit activities because you are afraid you might fall?
  • Have you fallen in the last 12 months?
  • Do you often have difficulty seeing clearly?
  • When seated, do you have difficulty getting back to a standing position?
  • When you stand, do you sometimes feel lightheaded, dizzy, or off-balance?
  • Is it sometimes difficult to walk because you feel stiff or weak?
  • Do you take three or more prescribed medications each day?
  • Are some items at home difficult to move because you need to reach for them or have to carry them down stairs?

Fall Prevention Program

Safety Counseling

Our specialized staff and balance and fall doctors train patients on methods to help them decrease risks for future falls by planned movement methods and safety techniques.

  • Learn how to safely…
  • move in and out of a chair, bath tub, bed
  • walk and life with balance techniques
  • recover from a fall with positional maneuvers

Balance Therapy

Staying active is one of the best methods to prevent falls. Proper and safe exercise can help improve balance, increase flexibility, and build strength and endurance. Our Balance Therapy program

  • Exercise to enhance balance skills:
  • Tai chi
  • Wii aerobics
  • Resistance training with elastics

Don’t let the fear of falling slow you down.

Decrease your fall risk with our program. For individual therapy or rehab sessions, schedule your appointment with a balance and fall doctor today. To participate in a group session call for upcoming class schedule.

(256) 355-6200
(256) 351-5016

Tips for Today

The Balance Center of Decatur ENT and our balance and fall doctors care about your health and safety. The following tips can be implemented immediately in your home to help decrease fall hazards.

  • Remove items that can trip you like throw rugs, cords, hoses or vines
  • Store boxes or shoes in closets or off the floor
  • Clean up spills right away
  • Replace glass tables with wooden ones, they are safer if you fall
  • Add handrails to stairs
  • Add grab bars in bathroom
  • Get a reaching tool to avoid climbing
  • Improve lighting in halls, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Have loose floor, porch, or stair boards repaired
  • Have holes or cracks in sidewalks or driveways repaired
  • Get help in winter weather for snow and ice removal