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Hearing Tests

Decatur ENT and Physician Hearing Care offers a comprehensive hearing screening by Morgan County’s only physician-staffed hearing clinic.

Is it time for a hearing and ear test?

The Association of Independent Hearing Professionals have suggested regular hearing checkups as follows:

18 to 45 years of age: Every five years
45 to 60 years of age: Every three years
Over 60 years of age: Every two years

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Hearing loss can be gradual, and you may become accustomed to some degree of hearing loss before it becomes a significant impediment. A regularly scheduled hearing and ear test can detect problems early and get you the treatment you need. 

  • Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?
  • Do you have difficulty in public places such as restaurants, church, meetings, etc.?
  • Does your family complain that the TV is too loud?
  • Do certain voices (women, children) cause you more difficulty?
  • Do you have a history of being in or around a noisy environment?
  • Does one ear perform better than the other?
  • Do you suffer from tinnitus (ringing or roaring of the ears)?
  • Did you suddenly lose your hearing?

If you experience any of these problems, it may be time to have your hearing checked.

Our comprehensive hearing and ear tests offers more

If our comprehensive hearing and ear test determines that hearing aids can help, Physician Hearing Care provides the highest quality of patient care and the most advanced hearing aid technology available.

Hearing Screen:

  • Basic Air and Bone
  • Comfort Level
  • Speech Discrimination

Complete Decatur ENT Audiology Exam

  • Basic Air and Bone
  • Comfort Level
  • Speech Discrimination
  • Speech Reception
  • Uncomfortable Level
  • Speech in Noise
  • Tympanometry
  • Speech Awareness Threshold