Specialty Hearing Devices

Recreational Hearing Protection for concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, air travel, movies:

  • TRU Hearing Protection WR20
    Created for recreation or musicians, this full frequency protective device utilizes advanced acoustic filtering technology to reduce volume while maintaining sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum.
  • Westone Custom Fit Hearing Protection ES49
    Custom hearing protection designed specifically with the musician in mind. This canal-style ear plug is virtually unnoticeable and reduces volume levels evenly without affecting overall sound quality.
  • Westone Elite Series Custom In-Ear Monitors ES60
    Comfortable in-earphones for musicians, ear impressions allow for custom in-ear monitors handcrafted to allow for the IEM’s high and low frequency sound components to be channeled through separate sound ports and sum within the user’s ear instead of an earpiece. This approach allows a more transparent transition between frequency ranges.
  • Westone Adventure Series ADV ALPHA
    Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad with IPX-3 weather resistance, this earphone is durable and stylish. A AWACS reflective cable is replaceable and boasts 3-button control system and mic.

We also have answers to common questions about hearing aids on our FAQ page.

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Hearing loss often occurs after inner ear damage cause by loud noises. This type of damage prevents sound from traveling through the ear and to the brain. This type of damage cannot be reversed. Protecting your hearing at work, sporting and recreational events, and concerts is imperative.

In this series of videos, Frank Fischer of Decatur ENT’s Physician Hearing Care, discusses custom devices that protect your hearing at concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, air travel, movies, and more. Learn more by watching these videos.

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