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Decatur Hearing Specialist and Tinnitus Treatment

Hearing loss is a common, frustrating problem that can interfere with daily life and can affect people at any age.

Hearing loss occurs when sound cannot travel through the ear and into the brain. In most cases, hearing loss is caused from inner ear damage by age and/or heredity, loud noise, toxic drugs or medications. The damage usually cannot be reversed. In few cases, hearing loss is cause by a medical problem such as infection, abnormal bone growth, or tumors inside the ear. Tinnitus is also a sign of possible permanent or temporary hearing loss. The perception of ringing in the ears can also be caused by ear injury or disorder with the circulatory system. Diagnosis and treatment are the best course of action from hearing loss and tinnitus.

Medical Hearing Loss
The physicians of Decatur ENT can provide a comprehensive hearing test to gain a medical diagnosis for hearing loss, and suggest the appropriate treatment with medication, surgery, or hearing aids. Hearing loss is unique to each patient and treatment plans created by hearing specialists, need to be customized to the type of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids
While not everyone who experiences hearing loss needs hearing aids, if hearing loss is caused by weak sound signals to the brain, hearing aids most likely can help. The hearing specialists at Decautr ENT and Physician Hearing Care offers a wide variety of advanced hearing aids that are smaller and more powerful than ever.

Our goal is to work closely with each patient, their family, and other physicians to return our patients to an acceptable range of hearing and improve their quality of life. You don’t have to miss a moment. Contact us at (256) 355-6200

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