Allergy Tests

Allergy testing is the first step to diagnosing the source of your nasal allergy symptoms. The Allergy Center of Decatur ENT tests for allergic reactions to seasonal or perennial airborne allergens including dog and cat dander, mold, dust mite, and pollen.

What is an allergy test?

Allergy testing can include a combination of skin-pricks on the arms, intradermal skin testing, or blood (RAST) testing.

Purpose of an allergy test:

  • Determine if allergy-like symptoms are caused by an allergy or other conditions such as nonallergic rhinitis, colds, and other viruses that can cause symptoms similar to those of nasal allergies
  • Determine if allergy-like symptoms are caused by an allergy or other Irritants and pollutants, such as strong odors of smoke, certain medications, and weather changes, which can also trigger symptoms
  • Determine if allergy-like symptoms are caused by a chronic allergy or chronic infection
  • Determine if allergies are seasonal (symptoms certain times of the year) or perennial (symptoms year-round)
  • Determine allergy triggers as accurately as possible
  • Determine if other health problems, such as asthma, are occurring with allergies

After a review of health history and physical examination, this initial step may be accompanied with X-rays and in-office computed tomography (CT) scan to investigate for sinus infection and assess nasal and sinus bone structure and drainage passages.

Our doctors will evaluate the results of these tests to determine the cause of your symptoms and provide an accurate diagnosis. The resulting diagnosis will target the appropriate treatment link to allergy treatments page to help eliminate or minimize symptoms.