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Our practice is focused on delivering comprehensive medical and surgical treatment to improve ENT health. Decatur ENT Associates’ team of experts includes board-certified Otolaryngology physicians and extensively trained ENT clinicians dedicated to understanding your symptoms and concerns. We partner with you to diagnose ear, nose, throat, and sinus issues, and develop a treatment path that best fits your needs.

Take control of your allergies

Did you know that dust mite allergy is the most common allergy of all allergies? And for many, dust mites are primarily a bedroom problem, but with proper methods and products, your bedroom can be virtually allergen-free. Sleeping in an allergen-free environment can dramatically reduce allergy symptoms.


Following our top ten tips will make your bedroom an “Allergy-Safe” Zone:

  1. Keep pets out of the bedroom.
  2. Keep windows closed during pollen season.
  3. Reduce dust catchers like books, stuffed animals, etc.
  4. Keep bedroom door closed if running a room air cleaner.
  5. Avoid heavy cloth drapers.
  6. Use throw rugs instead of carpeting or treat carpet with an anti-dust mite spray or powder.
  7. Use mite-proof pillow, mattress, box spring, and comforter encasings.
  8. Wash bedding every two weeks in hot water and for extra protection, use de-mite laundry additive.
  9. Wood, leather, or vinyl furniture is best.
  10. Remove airbore allergens with a powerful HEPA air cleaner especially if you are allergic to pet dander, pollen, or mold.
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