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Dizziness is the third most frequent reason people seek medical attention. It can be challenging for family doctors and frustrating for patients affected by balance issues because dizziness has many causes. Isolating the cause with the right diagnosis can identify the treatment plan that will help. People of all ages struggle with dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance. The Balance Center of Decatur ENT diagnoses and treats a variety of pediatric and adult balance problems.

Causes of dizziness and imbalance

In most cases dizziness is not a sign of a serious health problem.

  • Vertigo: The feeling of spinning or movement that occurs when the brain receives conflicting signals from the eyes, inner ear, and body.
  • Dysequilibrium: The feeling of imbalance (but not spinning) that can occur if the signal path between the body and brain is disrupted.
  • Vestibular Balance Disorders: Dizziness caused from inner ear issues.
  • Imbalance: Issues due to head injury, stroke, or diabetic neuropathy, and other neurologic problems.
  • Syncope: Losing consciousness or fainting due to cardiovascular problems.

You don't have to live with dizziness.

Our comprehensive Balance Center has a dedicated facility with university-standard equipment for onsite inner ear, vertigo, and imbalance testing, balance therapy, and vestibular rehab by licensed physical therapist with over 30+ years’ experience. Recent expansion allowed the Balance Center to greatly enhance therapy and rehab areas permitting patients with vertigo, imbalance, or movement coordination problems to be diagnosed and treated all at one location.

With a specialized team of dedicated physicians and a doctor of audiology, The Balance Center has treated over 5,000 patients and regularly receives balance patient referrals from Vanderbilt University. After diagnosis, patients can be managed with a wide variety of medical, surgical, and rehabilitative treatments. Our goal is to work closely with the patient, family, and other physicians to return the patient to a maximum level of activity.

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